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Sanad takes away the logistics worries of any daily activities, whether it’s a delivery or moving homes, and more.
Everything you need is at your fingertips.



  • Easy to Sign up/Login

    Simple and straight forward procedure to create your account.

  • Around clock

    Accessible Anytime…Anywhere.

  • Efficient

    Hassle-free and simple solutions of high quality, with clear pricing and solution-oriented services

  • An Array of Services

    All you need in one place with easy access

  • Point systems

    Any used services will result in points that can be redeemed with offers on your next service

  • Cashless Payments

    Secure payments made online

How to get your Sanad

Step 1

Download “Sanad” to your mobile device

Step 2

Register and enter your details

Step 3

Select your service

Step 4

Enter your location details

Step 5

Process payment

Step 6

Enjoy your peace of mind

How to get your Sanad

Step 1

Download “Sanad” to your mobile device

Step 2

Register and enter your details

Step 3

Accept the task

Step 4

Get paid

Become a Partner

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FAQ - Website

To create a Sanad account you need a valid email address and mobile number. Download the app for your iOS or Android device and sign up with your mobile number. You may use an international number as long as the number is active to receive SMS. To make sure it’s your real number, we’ll send you a verification code via SMS which you need to enter to sign up. If the SMS with the code does not arrive, you can request a call from the same screen. Once your number is verified, you’re ready to use Sanad! Alternatively, if you're comfortable with linking your Facebook profile/Google Account to your Sanad account, you can sign up via Facebook/Google. The app will redirect you to a Facebook page/Google where the email and password are required to authorize Sanad usage. During the sign-up process, we ask you for your email address. We need your email address for instances where you may have forgotten your password and need to receive instructions via email on how to reset it. We also send you detailed service receipts via email. You can also create an account on the web at www.sanadme.app

Becoming a partner is a simple three step process. First you will need to download & register with Sanad App as Service Provider. After reviewing your application, we will invite you for a training session. Once the training is complete, you will be listed in the app and you be part of Sanad offering your services with us.

All you need to do is download and register through the app, open the menu and select the service you need. You will see a dashboard with quotes, select the desired options and confirm location pins like pick-up and delivery. As a user you will see estimated time of the service provider’s arrival. Upon completion of the service, the payment will be deducted from your registered card and a receipt sent to your e-mail.

Costs for our services will vary based upon the distance from your pick up point and delivery point with competitive price rates. You will see a rough approximate before you confirm your services.

Services fill the need for pickup & delivery. Some examples would be when a pickup/delivery needs to be completed quickly or the same day. Others an include when service a is too critical to be done but still needs to be delivered quickly. Some deliveries are also too valuable to leave to a normal shipping provider. Sanad service fills those needs because your package is picked up at point A and driven to point B without any stops in between. This means your package arrives on time and safely to its destination.

Sanad adopts technologies in its day-to-day activity, to speedily meet up with all of its promised delivery methods. We use the duo of real-time satellite navigation with skill sets of employees learned about the local road networks, and logistics to make the delivery/service process seamless and swift.